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September 22, 2010
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You've Been Plucked by AbbyDark-Star You've Been Plucked by AbbyDark-Star
Dragon*Con 2010

"Sorry love, you've been plucked"

My pride n joy, Arkham Asylum Poison Ivy. First of all this costume would NOT be what it is without the hard work and assistance of my VERY talented friends!

Mike Schiffbauer: leaf sculpts
Bodypainting: Nick Wolfe, Athena Zhe, Dr. Skull
AD Larue: Arkham Logo help

The assembling of the costume was done by me. I have to say while I am so proud of this costume, it was A LOT of work. A lot of painful work, lets just say I have burns on my legs from some of the vine applications!!

The bottom half is actually a dance stocking that is used for 'nude' scenes on stage. I modified it, painted it and then with help applied the vines to the suit. Because I had two days before Dragon*Con for this, we used hot glue. Hence, burns. I ended up having to put underarmor on and then duct tape my legs to protect my skin. Not fun. :(

The shirt was purchased and then dyed several times and then the logo added. I added the blue trim (hand sewed everything) and did the alterations so that the shirt was continually "open" like it is in the game.

The wig, now I am immensely proud of that. I took two wigs and lots of extensions and made the widows peak as well as the style. While I want to redo it eventually, I was very happy with the way it came out.

The panties I actually did because the sculpt didn't cover all my, erhm...areas. so I made an under layer of leaves to cover my bits.

Overall, I feel that I really did my best to be a screen accurate Arkham Asylum Poison Ivy.

I hope to eventually put her on again and do a location shoot!!

Photo Credit: Darrell Ardita
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Wow. @_@
Amazing. I love this pic.
That looks amazing! Great job! Where did you get the vines? Any tips on how to make this?? I'm trying but don't have much artistic talent....
Well the vines were sculpted by a friend, I applied them to a bodysuit that was painted, then they were shaded on was all quite involved. :)
Wow I am so impressed! You did a wonderful job! :)
Thank you :) I had help! Like I said- most of this costume is the sculpting which I didn't do.
Arisariddle Jun 5, 2011
What kind of material did you use for the leaf panties?
It was fabric, latex and fabric leaves :)
SydkneeBean Mar 1, 2011  Student Interface Designer
you win at life. there are no words for how awesome this is
Archonyto Nov 6, 2010  Student General Artist
Fantastic design! Beautiful!
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