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June 16, 2010
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Cornered by AbbyDark-Star Cornered by AbbyDark-Star
"All right Batman, I give up. I'm cornered. No way out, oh this a TREE I'm holding onto?" :evillaugh:

Another fantastic shot from LJ Into outside the MegaCon Convention Center in 2010.

This is the partner to the 'winged' photo that was previous, but up close.

I wanted to thank everyone for their great comments- and I appreciate them all- but remember, please be respectful, my pseudonym is "lady" for a reason.

Photo: LJ Into
Costume: Myself
Model: Myself
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ArrangedShenanigans Sep 19, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Hi! I absolutely love this cosplay! You make a great poison ivy, and you're seriously gorgeous.
I'm planning on doing a poison ivy cosplay at some point and I'm a bustier girl, probably about your size, and I was wondering if you had any suggestions for the strapless top? Thanks! And once again, great job!
Its the undergarments that allow for the appropriate bust- a great shaper or corset, clear straps are probably your best bet!
hhmm best poison ivy ever!!!
What a beautiful shot! I absolutely love the costume :)
I want to be poison ivy for Halloween next year and I want to make the costume. Yours gives me a bunch of ideas but it looks really hard to make! I wanted make it more like a dress than a leotard because I want to try to make it a little more modest ( which is kind of impossible because it's...WEll... Poison ivy haha)
Do you have any ideas? I'm sixteen so any suggestions to make it a little easier would be Very much appreciated!!!
Honestly, if you are starting from scratch, and want to make an ivy dress, go to a thrift store and find a dress that you feel comfortable in. Make sure it is either green or a neutral color. Then cover it in leaves. I recommend Eileen's stretchable fabric glue. Also- use uniform leaves. Many Ivy vines that you get at craft stores can be different 'breeds' of Ivy vines. If you have differing leaf types this can cause your costume to seem 'scattered' and less pulled together.

Hope this helps! I'd love to see what you come up with!
Thank you so much! When I finish it I will DEFINITELY show you!
This is how she should be done! Fantastic!
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