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Photo Manipulation Contest by AbbyDark-Star
Photo Manipulation Contest
Contest details:

Let’s have a contest for best photo manipulation using this.

It can be just about anything, a comic or magazine cover, game art, with text or without and so on. Use your imagination and creativity. No “Adult” content please.

You will have from today until Oct 9th 2015 to get your images in. You can post them here as a comment, link them, etc... be sure that I know who you are or post them to my FB page

At the end of the submission period, I will move them to a voting folder on my FB page and you guys can vote by way of liking the image. The image with the most likes will win. It’s that simple

**Prize details to follow

If you have questions, comments or thoughts, please reply to this post.

**What is a photo manipulation?
It's the taking of an image, removing part of it to create a new image.
This is a good example and there are plenty of examples of SGH PhotoArt…
Super Sonico test at Dragon Con by AbbyDark-Star
Super Sonico test at Dragon Con
Super Sonico was born thanks to Jessica Nigri.  Prior to, I really had no idea who the character was or if it was game, anime, etc... but once I had heard that she was going to be doing the US dub VO work for Sonico, in conjunction with finding out that my friend Monika was also involved in it, I was eager to watch it when it was available on Blu-Ray ( ).

Even though the anime itself didn't see to have a strong story, it was cute and Sonico was a pretty cool character (Jess did an amazing job on the voice, very proud of her).

Watching the character, with her being a part time model, a student and a musician, the potential for fun costumes was open ended.  Add to it the large number of awesome PVC figures, books, etc... there was no shortage of inspiration to draw from.  

So I decided to give it a shot.  The first version I decided to do would be the white bikini version, inspired by this:

I had the bikini custom made by, ordered a wig and styled it, found a decent white shirt, ordered contacts, ordered some awesome headphones and made a macaron plate with foam macarons.  I also have the stockings and shoes, but for Dragon Con I decided just to toss on a pair of jeans.  It was crazy crowded and I figured better safe than sorry

The photo was taken by David Ngo…

I feel like it's a reasonable start.  I plan to do a number of themed shoots with her now that I have the key elements.  The costume is overall simple, easy and fun.  Sometimes after spending tons of time making things from the ground up, it's really nice to just assemble something.
She-Hulk - Kotobukiya Version by AbbyDark-Star
She-Hulk - Kotobukiya Version
Back in April, I was asked by Andrew of Alalgam Studios to be a part of a video project that he was working on.  It would involve me being a character that I never imagined I would portray.  She-Hulk.  This would be based on the Kotobukiya statue that was due out soon and because I love their stuff and I love Andrew's work I decided to say yes and go for it.

My reservations are really about my height and build.  At 5'2" I am not sure that I would make for a decent She-Hulk, nor do I have the muscle mass that she does.  I have always seen Jennifer Walters are being a much larger than life character.  But I figured that I would give it my best shot and this was the result.

Photo By: Saffels Photography

Makeup by: Keaghlan Ashley- Makeup Your Mind
Latex costume: Vengeance Designs
All the rest: Me

Jason Vorhees, Kotobukia version by AbbyDark-Star
Jason Vorhees, Kotobukia version
Photography by: Françous
Costume made by: Me and Zen (

The costume originally came to be due to an invite from my good friend 
JoJo PandaFace. The original core group would be Jojo as Chuckie, me as Jason and Jessica Nigri Fan Page as Freddy. 

I am not traditionally a horror fan. I had a fairly strict upbringing, so these movies were things I never watched and had a bit of fear about watching them. But doing this character seemed to be a good enough excuse to push past those fears.

At the writing of this build blog, I have now seen the first Friday the 13th and plan to watch the others as soon as I get more time.

The costume wasn't without it's challenges, between time and budget we would have our work cut out for us.


The reference art includes an axe and a machete. Zen and I worked on the weapons together. We needed something con safe, but we also needed something that wouldn't break the bank, so we relied on using Rubies costume weapons which were sub par at best. But with a little sanding and some very creative painting, we were able to transform them.

The iconic hockey mask:

I needed something smaller, and while we hope to get a head cast for me in the not too distant future and hopefully we will sculpt out a custom mask for me. So in our searches, we determined that the mask that came with the DVD collection would make for an ideal mask for the side of my head. AND it would let me watch the first 8 films at least at my leisure.

The clothing:

These are all found items from vintage stores mostly. The top is an American Apparel top that we had to custom dye to match the art better. It was then distressed accordingly.

The pants and boots were both vintage store items, The pants wear altered and distressed to look like the art and the boots, which were originally grey were painted using Angelus paint. Black, and then some dry bushed brown, finally followed up with some fresh blood spatter

The coat was a vintage leather jacket find on Ebay and we are still not certain that we love the color, but it was as close as I could find under the circumstances. It too was distressed accordingly.

The wig was from Arda Wigs and was styled to look more like the reference art.

Blood and wound FX: Aside from the weapon FX, the actual blood/wound FX was done very last minute with very little preparation. We plan to improve on this area by learning some new skills. The trick is using something that will last for a long time, won't overly irritate the skin and will continue looking wet without being overly sticky.

The blood FX on the weapons was experimental and we felt like it worked out pretty well. A couple of friends who had done some FX on weapons prior to this shared their secret of using Tamiya's X-23 clear read which dries glossy. That mixed with some other colors, epoxy, hair and chunks of sponge made for some grizzly FX on the blades of the weapons.

More about the costume and progress photos can be seen here:…
10th Doctor and Jack Harkness by AbbyDark-Star
10th Doctor and Jack Harkness
I have been a Doctor Who fan since I was a kid and after getting through the 10th Doctor, I decided that in an alternate time line the Doctor should finally be a woman...and a ginger.  Thus was born my take on the 10th Doctor.

The costume itself is custom made from Magnoli Clothiers (
:iconvisionsofzen:'s Jack is mix of Abbyshot for the coat and a mix of other gathered parts.

The photo was shot by Benn Robbins  (…)
and digitally edited by SGH PhotoArt


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I'm here to costume, create and have fun! I let my craft speak for itself and encourage positivity in all things!!


Current Residence: San Francisco, CA
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Favourite cartoon character: Poison Ivy
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The Truth About Bunnies

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 16, 2013, 3:38 PM

The Truth About Bunnies!

The internet is so dang awesome, that it makes our keyboards hurt. Seriously. In 2012 an imaginative costume creator and purveyor of mermaid tails named Laamberry drew some quick whimsical sketches of the Avengers. As Playboy Bunnies. The concept was immediately popular and Laamberry knew that these costumes had to become reality. So in her super secret lair, she developed her team!

Laamberry- as Iron Man Bunny

Lovelace- as Captain American Bunny

Becky Young- as Black Widow Bunny

Meg Turney- as Hawkeye Bunny

Raychul Moore- as Hulk Bunny

JesLyn- as Agent Coulson Bunny

Abby Dark Star- as Thor Bunny

Scruffy Rebel- as Loki Bunny

(not pictured Aleu as Nick Fury)

The group debuted at SDCC 2012 and was immensely popular. And, like bunnies do, they began to populate other conventions! The Avenger Bunny Initiative is very happy that Laamberry's designs and the group were able to inspire other costumers to make similar costumes! We'd love to see your costumes!

As a way of explanation, because even though the internet is awesome, it isn't always wise. This group was put together with fun in mind. Not once did any of the Avenger Bunnies in our group behave indecently or intend to reinforce gender stereotypes. In fact, it was the exact opposite. Our group wanted to show that girls could be creative with an idea, have fun and still embrace themselves and their bodies. We encourage others to do the same.

The Avenger Bunnies is not affiliated with any other group, nor are we employed by any companies for promotion purposes.

We invite you to check out our Facebook Page, give it a like and join us for the rest of our adventures!

Avenger Bunny Initiative:…




Meg Turney:…

Raychul Moore:


Abby Dark Star:

Scruffy Rebel:…

Journal CSS made by caybeach
Brushes by gvalkyrie
  • Reading: Sword Dancer Series
  • Drinking: Water

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